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Chris Paul is a member of the renowned NBA

Chris Paul is a member of the renowned NBA

Alonzo Mourning 2K MT

Alonzo Mourning is a member of the famous NBA team from the year 2005-06 of the Miami Heat team. He has played the center or power forward position. Alonzo Mourning has an overall 2K score of 75. He has an underlying glass cleaner.

Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeAlonzo Mourning - Diamond9095C/PF6'10'(208cm)7'6"(228cm)244 lbs(110kg)Miami HeatGeorgetownAny

Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko is one of the most talented players in Jazz history and was selected by 2K to be a part of the all-time Utah Jazz NBA team. He plays as a small forward or power forward for this team that is the best in history. Andrei Kirilenko has a 2K score of 89 overall and is a 2-Way Slashing organizer.

Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeAndrei Kirilenko - Diamond9097PF/SF6'9'(205cm)7'0"(213cm)235 lbs(106kg)Utah JazzRussiaAny

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is a part of the legendary NBA team of the 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers. He's played the role of shooting guard or point guard. In the 2011 NBA Draft, he was the 1st overall selection from the 2012 NBA Draft. Kyrie Irving has a total 2-K rating of 93. He's an offensive threat.

Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeKyrie Irving - Amethyst9379PG/SG6'3'(190cm)6'4"(193cm)193 lbs(87kg)Boston CelticsDukeNike

Chris Paul

Chris Paul is a member of the renowned NBA squad 2013-14 Los Angeles Clippers and has been a guard. He was a fourth-round pick during the 2005 NBA Draft. Chris Paul's overall 2K score is 93. This is a two-way menace construction.

Player cardOffenseDefensePosition Cheap NBA 2K MT  HeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeChris Paul - Amethyst9391PG/SG6'0'(182cm)6'4"(193cm)175 lbs(79kg)Los Angeles ClippersWake ForestJordan

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