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Are You Intuitive?

Are You Intuitive?

He was hoping to have a whole bunch of his puzzles cut for DCD but had a bit of a problem that burned out his laser cutter the week before DCD and the replacement parts had arrived too late to produce many puzzles. With the plates cleared from the table, the puzzles all miraculously reappeared and the puzzling restarted. Buying plastic plates and cups and other party supplies is all about buying quality products at minimal expenses. This test comes about the quality of the flask. In the domain of furniture, Bespoke Furniture is legendary and acquirable in many variants at all top quality furniture storehouses. When the girls got back from their walk we laid on some strawberries and ice cream with choccy sauce (brain food!) to top up the flagging energy levels - followed a while later with coffee and delicious cake from Mike… With the return of the anti-social puzzling silence, the girls decided to wander up to the woods with the hound in tow and made the most of the lovely weather with a walk in the woods - muchly enjoyed by Ben of course! Tim Turner brought a few crates-worth of lovely old puzzles for sale and I ended up spending a while raking through his unique boutique - getting advice and encouragement from Frank to the extent that I started an exceedingly humble collection of (3!) Journet puzzles at MPPXXi - thanks Tim!

It took me a good few hours on Sunday before it was finally fully back together again! They really are in amazingly good nick given how jolly old they are … Wil Strijbos had a selection of his wares available and I took the opportunity to pick up a prize for Nick Baxter for winning my Christmas competition (a checkerboard burr-in-a-box and a limp key lock, if you’re still interested). With so many online websites, the opportunity to trick customers is also increasing. Second-class stores stock products just for the sake of bigger margins and hope that customers don't come back to make a claim. Next morning back at the Micro Centre, after checking out of the hotel and tossing our bags in Louis’ car, things looked rather different. We all managed to check-in when we got there, although there were a couple of fraught minutes until the hotel found Ali’s booking in the name of Mr Alistair instead of the more orthodox use of his surname.

When the hotel restaurant opened at 11:30 we all piled in for some lunch as most of us had been at the airport from 4:30 that morning. With all the meat suitably cooked, we sat down to a pretty darn good lunch (even if I say so myself) under the shade of the gazebo on the deck (not often we get to say that in Blighty!) - and it was good. This puzzle has a lot of pieces and I tried several unsuccessful strategies at finding a solution in BurrTools before I finally managed to come up with a cunning enough plan that my favourite software didn’t think was going to take months (or more!) to get through. I explained how much “fun” I’d had with mine - firstly getting it apart (a major slog! From memory it’s about 49 moves for the first piece out!) and then trying to get it back together again - using BurrTools!

Without the expectation of intensity, the relaxed vibe of this song makes it much more effective, sounding like a synthpop ballad with raw-sounding drums and guitars dirtying up the sound. So the more creative and spiritual among us may also be more consciously intuitive or more easily intuitive. In case of poor leave scheduling overall head count may be met but there may be poor skill mix leading to loss of proper work-flow and productivity. It is a system which allows you to upload your head picture, and you could choose different eye wears to "try them on" on your head picture. First order of business for the day was to say good morning to our hosts from the night before and while I was standing at Wil’s table I became aware of a bear of a man standing next to me, a quick glance at his name tag and I did a double take - then I spotted a familiar looking puzzle up on a cabinet behind Wil - one I’d been keeping an eye out for for a little while, so I did the obvious thing and turned to the bear next to me and asked him if he’d autograph the Queen if I bought it from Wil - and that’s how I got to meet Marcel Gillen.

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