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e lawyer and its incorporation in the city of Riyadh

e lawyer and its incorporation in the city of Riyadh

The number of the corporate case lawyer and its incorporation in the city of Riyadh
Within our office is a Saudi corporate lawyer, who is able to perform all legal procedures for companies.
Where the procedures for establishing a company in Riyadh, and registering the company according to the Saudi companies system.
مكتب محاماة الرياض
We are also working on issuing a commercial register and a legal license.

Where he did the procedures and registered the company in the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in Saudi Arabia.

That is why we are considered the best lawyer in Riyadh, specialized in this aspect, whether in terms of speed or legality.

It is also possible to make a company agreement and establish a company in Saudi Arabia in a very solid way.

Consultations can be provided on the method of establishing a one-person company and its fees.

All types can be established, such as a private and public shareholding company, a family company, or an electronic company.

Where there are many types as well, such as establishing a sole proprietorship, or establishing a company with a foreign partner.

And we are working on defining shares, capital, and labor clauses and agreements.

The number of the best law firm in Riyadh specializing in real estate, a real estate lawyer
If you are looking for a real estate lawyer in Riyadh, or a consultant specializing in development and investment.

You can contact our office, which is the best to provide advice on this type of issue.
محامي سعودي
We are a distinguished office in the sale and purchase of real estate, within the Saudi legal system.

Procedures can be taken to transfer ownership of the property, whether lands or apartments and houses.

Where we take all the necessary procedures and prepare the necessary agreements between the seller and the buyer.

Where contracts are registered and authenticated within the law and order, within a very limited time and with high accuracy.

And you can be provided with a ready-made apartment sale contract, in order to arrange the agreement between you and the buyer, in coordination with our consultant.

We also specialize in matters of development and investment, and raising the values of shares and investments within the Kingdom.

We are working on developing projects to obtain distinguished capital.

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