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Reading flexibility

Reading flexibility

Reconnaissance reading
This type involves covering a large amount of readable text to get a general idea of its content. In such cases, the reader can scroll through the material quickly to understand the main idea. The reader then looks for details that reinforce or clarify that idea. But if the reader's purpose is to find a specific fact, or a specific example, then he begins with a quick pass over the text, then reads some passages carefully to make sure that he has found the information he wants to find.

Navigate between types of reading
Most people use different reading styles. For example, the detective story that is requested for entertainment is read only quickly, but reading a unique Russian novel requires us to read carefully and carefully. Technical texts that get us promoted at work, or tell us how to fix something, usually require insightful reading.

Good readers can move easily from one type of reader to another. For example, a student collecting information to write a research paper might start by scanning the articles to determine their suitability for his topic. One article may lead a student to change his topic, so he reads this article carefully and chooses another topic. As the reader searches for a new topic, he searches for information to outline his research. The reader may see during his reconnaissance reading an entertaining article and read it for pleasure.

Reading flexibility improves with experience. Beginning readers tend to read everything rather awkwardly, advancing slowly, word by word, because they doubt their ability to recognize words. When readers read material that follows their own linguistic styles--that is, the familiar words and phrases they use--even beginner readers can read quickly and understand simultaneously. Over time, they realize that different reading materials require different reading abilities.

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التربية البدنية والدفاع عن النفس ثالث ابتدائي

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