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Examples of Hymenoptera There are a number of different types of Hymenoptera in shape and size, such as: Ants Ants are among the most familiar insects, which spread in tropical forests in particular, and there are more than There are 8,000 known species of ants all over the world, and the army ant is the most distinctive type of ant, as it is able to prey on insects, birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Species such as spider wasps, hunting wasps, and small parasitic wasps are among the most beneficial groups of insects. Orchid Bees that have colors They are shiny, vary between green, blue, and red, and African bees or killer bees, which are aggressive and life-threatening bees, and are spread in the southern United States in particular. [9] Lepidopteran, a type of insect, of which there are about 180,000 A species, which in this number comes second after beetles, and among the most famous types that we see around us are butterflies and moths.[10] under the microscope, and their sizes vary according to the type, ranging from 4 mm to 30 cm, and most of their species feed on plants, leaves, roots, stems, fruits, and flowers. [11] Examples of Lepidoptera are: Moths and butterflies, and differ from each other as follows: Butterflies fly Most butterflies (Butterflies) fly during the day, and they join a rank that is classified as one of the 4 largest orders of insects, and they are spread all over the world, and there are 14,500 species of them, which constitutes 5% of Lepidoptera.

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