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Conditions for applying to the legal profession

Conditions for applying to the legal profession

Conditions for applying to the legal profession
After a trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia completes his training, he can now apply to the Ministry of Justice with his request to obtain a lawyer's license. This request has several conditions that must be met by the applicant, and these conditions are:

The applicant has completed his studies at the College of Sharia, or to be a specialist in systems, or to finish a diploma in systems management after completing his university studies.
افضل مكاتب محاماة في جدة
The applicant must terminate his status as a trainee lawyer in Saudi Arabia by completing the period of his training studies according to the path he joined in the judicial center.

The applicant must be of good reputation and behavior, and must not be subject to any judgments that violate honor or trust, or be under interdiction.

It is also required that the applicant be residing in the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If these conditions apply to the applicant, he can submit his data from a copy of the ID card, a certified copy of the qualification certificate, four recent personal photos, a statement of job service or a copy of exemption from it, a copy of experience documents, and a print from the Social Insurance Authority for private sector employees.

A trained lawyer in Saudi Arabia is a stage that the lawyer goes through in order to gain practical experience, as well as the necessary knowledge to practice the legal profession on the ground and provide services to all citizens. Therefore, when these courses are taken into account, the lawyer will graduate from them polished and distinguished in the legal world.

With that in mind, share this article with your friends, and write us in the comments any questions you'd like us to answer

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