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I've always wished I could post this suggestion directly to Runescape

I've always wished I could post this suggestion directly to Runescape

For leveling up your attack, you cannot take on one monster. Instead, you must take on hundreds of monsters, and possibly thousands. Although you could kill every type of monster, that isn't very efficient RS3 Accounts. All other skills are the same. No matter what ability you possess whether you're cutting trees, mining or making runes, hunting salamanders or. It's not just the wits and real life abilities that are important when learning in RuneScape. It all depends upon the length of time you're able to perform a particular task. This is what all current skills have in common, and what the new skill might be able to avoid.

This brings me back to something that I said a while back while Bachelor Fridge was out. Jagex was too obsessed with strategy games, something I shared with my friends. A lot of the latest FunOrb games are based on strategy. Jagex has accumulated this habit throughout the years. Certain games are more popular than others.

I'm not saying that the new skill would be referred to as Strategy or something similar to that. I won't even try to figure out what the name of the new skill might be. But, I believe that there could be a concept of strategy integrated into this skill. RuneScape will not be dismissed as a series of clicks and repetition. Strategy is an individual skill but it can also impact other abilities.

I'll explain one way this might be done. Since the new skill can benefit to improve all abilities and abilities, it is likely to be a part of each current skill that will have an option for strategy or will allow you to 'learn how to make and utilize new items. To illustrate the first example, certain tasks (such as cooking and mining) could have the option of a Strategy On/Off button Buy OSRS Fire Cape, which allows you to switch off or on strategy mode.

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