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Ridiculous custom nba2k

Ridiculous custom nba2k

What a sweet, sweet boy. Another excellent addition to this monster squad. whaddya think would the brothers name him? I love you could still make these monstrosities in matches. I used to do exactly the exact same on NBA 2K21 MT Coins a few WWE game on the first XBox. Right? Back then it always looked like an overlooked way to misuse game mechanics to me. I meanit is. But nowadays it's a lot more clear to me that the developers were likely completely aware of it and just left it in because they did not care.

If you want to see more, I suggest trying monster factory on yt - it's a string where two brothers try their very best to make the worst looking creatures possible in a variety of games. They got into some legal trouble for it though, when they left a character that looked like Bart Simpson. I can not believe that video is still up on YouTube. I mean, honestly... if you examine the thumbnail it is impossible to not see Bart. It is just like him! Take it to the bank boys, this one's just like bart! There's a market here... Some dev should make a sports game with increased customization limitations. But proper physics have to be applied also. Just like in the event that you produce a dude with enormous arms, the weight ought to be calculated and his legs would have to be girthy brief tree trunks to support all this weight. My friends purchase 2K every year once it comes out, and I usually do several months later after the purchase price drops a ton simply to play Team Up with them.Guys if Nba2k21 had been deleted.

When the game was deleted from your hard drive? If so, it would not be deleted. Playstation? XBox? PC? Playstation, no since the game

save files are separate than the game set up itself. If you did delete it you can submit a ticket at the nba 2k site. I've spun the wheel and won ( Free 2k Shoes & Free NBA Store Item ) but when I go to pick something nothing shows up. I have looked everywhere in the shop and nothing is free. Been like this for 2 days now. Anybody else having this problem?

Consensus appears pretty terrible for 2k21 but gotta scrape that basketball itch after the Nuggets dropped off the Clippers. I got every one of the builds on 2k20. Wondering if I should begin new again in 2k21? Gameplay speed is faster in mycareer compared to 2k20 shootings insane sus need hella badges which means grinding mycareer new shot rod makes dribbling differnt it took me about a week to get down but id just wait till its available or if they come out with a jaw falling update/patch.

In case you play online a lot, obtaining 2k21 is essential, otherwise stick with 2k20, I only bought 2k20 since it is requested by my yt viewers. Just wait a couple months my man, psn will get it for free. Same game as 2k20. First I have to say they HAVE made enormous improvements to team mate AI, and I am enjoying playing this game up to now, I thought the intro story was enjoyable if a bit brief, BUT and Cheap NBA 2K21 MT this is a big BUT. If you're planning to play online that's one thing, but the offline game seems very unfinished:Pre-game show GONE Post-game interviews GONE Lockerroom interactions GONE Fan interactions GONE Media Interviews GONE Endorsement Events GONE.

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