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An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early torso

An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early torso

Yeah, especially when you can literally teleport to RuneScape gold barrows instantly with no requirements. It is a med level money maker now for certain. For real what bullshit... that this dude'd 44rc. A new player would never have 44 rc. It takes weeks to get enough genie lamps for that xp. I consider myself relatively new to OSRS when compared with a lot of people, but I have played a LOT because I began last November.

Havent played Runescape because I was 10. Played until mid May because I got burnt out (1670 complete and 230 QP afterward ). Came back end of July and I'm now 1818 full with a pursuit cape (I have 78 rc aswell). 197 chests and 99 fletching are very realistic for a two month old accounts, dude's obviously been questing and grinding.

Geez guy how many hours do you play day? Quarantine man, I'm in a similar boat to the guy you're replying to. Spoke to Hans this afternoon, I have 24 days played with the accounts I started in April lol. A lot of this is fairly afk skilling but I'm something like 1650 total, 255 qp, ~35m total xp... And that's all while working a wfh job this summer! It isn't too mad but I definitely spend a great deal of time online.

Person that's not even that bad really lmaoooo my initial 6 months of osrs I clocked 100 days played in like 180 days of account age, something around there. I think I was averaging like 11-14 hours a day. Glad I am not quite that savage anymore.Im trying to start barrows soon also, head showing your whole equipment and inv loadout? I don't have any clue what im doing, I would suggest finding a movie og or using the wiki moving more in depth.

OMG, It's not an ironman post! 835 chests in my iron and I have still never got a double let alone a triple chest OR even a guthans figure for that matter. Damn, that is a nice madness rune haul. Meanwhile im 700 chests in and am missing 3 items for full barrows and havnt even seen a single double chest... Gz on best chestplate for that real manbod look. And here I am 346 chests in without visiting a single set piece Bah!

An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for buy OSRS gold an early torso

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