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with free trials to get a sense for WoW Classic

with free trials to get a sense for WoW Classic

Why are people trying to push WoW Classic when it's just a turd such as this new thing that's so cool? A reason was BC or WoTLK was believed the finest of WoW Classic Gold. Because it moved out from the tedium and stupid design decisions of vanilla. Looking at the comments in here, seems like most folks never played with vanilla because the comments are all wrong.You are the fastest leveler. You've got the maximum independence and best capacity ingame, with warlocks outmatching you in late game and coming a close second in game. You're the dps for leveling up, for tier 1 AND through nearly all of tier 2 progression, for pre raid dungeons. This means of the 9 courses in WoW Classic, all of which can DPS, you're the BEST PVE DPS for of all WoW Classic.

You do fall off at AQ, and fall off steadily into Naxx, but that is a little cost to pay for dominance in the majority of the game. Even once you do start to evaporate into PVE, your PVP capacity stays relevant. You are also the course to earn gold by grinding. Are seekers told they have dps? No. You've got fucking DPS! Hell, you're the best fucking tank out of 10-50ish as a search. Your pet is going to have more armor and WAY better danger generation than any other tank until ST, and thats a fact. You're a god. Dont be discouraged by people stating you've got low pve dps, you'll top the charts for the vast majority of the sport and then you have EARNED the right to be taken into AQ and Naxx and carried. As a hunter who has played many many times, guilds dont eliminate you if youve played them around AQ / Naxx. They will bring you that your dps has faded.

Can someone clarify what vanilla and classic are? I played with a small back in the day at first I played with free trials to get a sense for WoW Classic afterward bought the full version and leveled up out there, never having to flat cap (80 at the time never sure about now) I loved my rouge and hunter and from time to time I consider playing again now that college is finished and I have some free time but it looks much different now and im not certain if I would be able to get back to it easily.Vanilla is exactly what the community refers to this first WoW Classic launch back in 2004. This was he game. WoW Classic will be a refresh of WoW Classic that reverts WoW Classic back.

You literally stated nothing. Like why can you inform people rhat druids have an awesome gigantic heal with recovery touch but not say that you could only throw it maybe twice before you're oom? Or that augmentation shaman are religions in pvp but only applies with decent gear and completely relying upon wf crits which only happen barely 20 percent of the time. I mained a shaman in the day 1 of vanilla and quit day 1 of WoD so I understand the struggles we shaman have gone. Be more comprehensive but not a terrible vid I suppose.As somebody who played with warrior in Buy Gold in WoW Classic. They aren't a beast and not a jack of all trades. Their tanking was dreadful till they had thunderfury and as far as dps they were garbage. Literally like 2 warriors in the entire game were good at pvp without a pocket healer and those with healer weren't too good. They sucked at leveling up no matter what level they were because you expired and over without a way to heal yourself.

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